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Top Challenges And Opportunities For New Construction In 2022

Jan 29

Top Challenges And Opportunities For New Construction In 2022

Real estate businesses are experiencing major changes and challenges that impact all stakeholders.

In 2022 there will be new construction problems.

The United States has a significantly greater housing demand than its supply. According to the National Association of Realtors, there is a housing shortage of 5.5 million units. The reason for this shortfall is underbuilding and the decline in existing houses.


1. Materials availability


The epidemic led to a tsunami of supply chain problems. Many manufacturers cut back or halted production due to last year's lockdowns. Their stockpile of raw materials is depleted. They have not yet increased production to meet demand from homeowners who are pursuing DIY projects.


The delay in getting paint, paint rollers to the front doors, glass shower door doors, insulation, and other appliances is causing long delays. If everyone arrived on time and the weather cooperated, it would take Minneapolis to remodel one house in 100 days.


2. Materials Costs


Our lumber package has increased from $20,000-$60,000 in the last 18 months. This is in line with the national trend. According to data from the National Association of Homebuilder's lumber costs rose 300 percent between April 2021 and May 2021. This increased the average price of single-family homes by approximately $36,000


3. Workplace Obstacles


Nearly every sector firm is affected by labor concerns. Due to extended jobless benefits, some workers in the construction, painting, and landscaping industries are finding it difficult to hire crews.

Recommendations for Overcoming New Obstacles


There will always be challenges when building a house, regardless of whether it is 2021 or twenty-31. These are three things you can do to reduce stress so that the process runs smoothly.


* Please remember that this is an entire team effort.


New construction projects involve a minimum of 50 people. All of them are part of the same team. Things are out of everyone's control. How each person handles them has an impact on the entire team. I've worked with people who handled difficult situations with grace. Others took advantage of every little detail. To be successful in any interaction, patience is key. Understanding is also important.


* Make yourself familiar with the procedure.


Ask questions in order to fully understand the project's scope, milestones, and restrictions. Is it possible to be certain that the builder will obtain the materials? When is it appropriate for you to conduct a walkthrough? What terms should you be able to negotiate into the contract? If you are looking to lock in your price, you may be interested in negotiating a term to rent back your property if the closing is delayed.


* Take a firm stand for your goals.


It's important that you stick with your chosen paint, tile pattern, or door style once you've made a decision. You should consider the lack of inventory and long lead times before making a final choice. It doesn't matter if a change is easy or not; the reality right now is that no one is perfect.


The thrill of being part of new construction is exciting. Although there have been many challenges over the 18 months, these are also great examples of what is possible when everyone works together with innovation.


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