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How do I plan a bathroom remodeling project?

Jan 31

How do I plan a bathroom remodeling project?

There are two possible ways to remodel your bathroom. It can either be a straightforward and painless process or it can take time and cause delays. Planning and preparation are the best ways to avoid these problems. How to plan your bathroom remodel project will help you no matter if you are installing a new shower or renovating from the bottom up. Let's have a look at the details of this project.

Setting a budget

First, you might need to decide on a budget for your bathroom remodel. A contractor can help you determine the cost of your renovation but it's best to do this before you start. To find out how much a Cedar Park bathroom remodel will cost, you can use sites like Angie's List or HomeAdvisor. There are also general pricing options for projects like a shower or tub installation.

How to Choose Your Contractor

It's okay to set up a few appointments with various bathroom remodelers. For a quick assessment and estimate, they shouldn't charge extra. Companies that offer these services should be considered when looking for contractors.

  • Certificates and Licensing

  • Excellent Customer Reviews

  • A local storefront

  • Consultations and Quotes Free of Charge

Layout decision

After selecting a bathroom remodeler has been chosen, you might want to collaborate with him/her during the planning stages. It is important to determine which areas of the bathroom you want to renovate and to choose a layout. The majority of bathroom remodels are simple and keep the layout the exact same but replace fixtures like the bathtub.

But you also have the option to reorganize your bathroom or make a quick conversion. Bath conversions are completed in one day by our experts, making them a quick and easy remodel. What does our conversion include?

  • Tub-to Shower Conversions. Replace the bathtub with a larger, easier-to-use shower enclosure.

  • Shower-to–Tub Conversions. Replace the old shower with a beautiful bath for your children, or simply take a relaxing soak.

Deciding on Design

Also, you will have to design the final bathroom remodel. You will need to work with your remodeler in selecting functional and attractive products for the bathroom, including cabinets, toilets, or bathtubs. A staff designer might be able to help you with color selections, tile combinations, fixtures, and accessories.

Making appointments

Last, but certainly not least, appointments will be made for the remodel. You may need to have a remodeler come out to get more precise measurements for the bath enclosure. Tentative date will be set by the contractor, but it depends on how your bath products are being handled by the manufacturer. You will be contacted by the remodeler closer to the installation date to confirm a day.

Cedar Park Home Remodels can provide a free consultation regarding your bathroom remodel project. Call us today. To request a quote for a bathroom remodel, such as a bathtub or a shower conversion, please fill out the online form.


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