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10 ways to make your home look custom

Feb 2

10 ways to make your home look custom

The past year has brought out a desire in many of us to upgrade and optimize our living areas. These are 10 ways to make your house look and feel custom.

Custom Built-Ins

Built-in cabinets are a stunning (and useful!) option. The best choice for upgrading your home is custom built-in cabinetry. A skilled trim carpenter who has experience in custom home building can construct bookshelves and TV cabinets, desks, closets, butler's pantry, and other items. You can have your space customized and it will add a personal touch to your home. These are the most popular spaces where homeowners opt for large, custom-built-in pieces.

Updated Staircase

A staircase can be prominently placed in a house, making it an ideal candidate for a major renovation. Consider replacing the built-in staircase with something more modern. For a dramatic upgrade, you can add trim detailing to your stairway and richer color.

New Trim (and Consistent).

Browse inspiration photos to help you decide what type of trim you like. You can also update all your baseboards, crown molding and door/window trim to match. Your home will look more custom-designed and built by you if all of the trim is updated.

Solid-Core Internal Doors

Your hollow core doors should be replaced with solid core 1.75-inch doors. These doors are more sturdy and have a higher quality feel. Additionally, you can customize the paneling (or not) to suit your style. Also, upgrade your door hardware!

Wall Detailing

It's easy to give your home a unique look and feel by incorporating your personal taste and preferred aesthetic. Your walls can be personalized by adding your personal touch through plaster, custom paneling, or paint colors. Say goodbye to "builder-beige".

Ceiling Detailing

Ceiling detail can add to the home's custom feel in much the same way as wall details. It doesn't have to be difficult or costly. Add boxed beams or tongue & groove panels, unique trim detailing, and wall color to complement your walls. Ceiling detail can be combined with other elements to create a unique, cohesive design.

Bathrooms Updated

This idea is not as easy nor cheap as the others. But it's often worth it! If your bathrooms are already functional, then you can only focus on the finishing touches (lighting, cabinets/storage, countertops, and plumbing fixtures). You have many choices of attractive finishes available that will not break the bank. Be sure to keep the bathroom's overall design fresh and coherent before you invest the time or money.

Floor Inlays

Inlays in flooring are often added to larger renovations. It is rarely performed as a separate project. A foyer, hallway, or room can be inlaid with an inlaid design to define the space and transition between spaces.

Update your Lighting

Lighting is often neglected in semi-custom and production homes. Lighting is not just about the standard mix of basic hanging fixtures and recessed cans. There are other factors to consider when planning a home renovation. You can start by thinking about your individual lighting preferences. Do your family prefer cooler or warmer light? Are you looking for overhead lighting (recessed lights) or indirect lighting? (lamp lighting, direction wall lighting) Sconces, pendants, and chandeliers are also options. You also have other options, such as a lighting control system or dimmer switches.

Updated Kitchens

This is the most important item. You can't make your home unique unless you renovate your kitchen. You should remodel kitchen Round Rock Tx to improve its form and function. Make sure your family lives are comfortable in your new kitchen.


We hope that this article helped you get your creative juices going! You can give your home a custom look by making a few strategic decisions when you start your home renovations. Enjoy renovating!



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