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Norah Head Lighthouse

Feb 3

About Norah Head Lighthouse

The Norah Head Lighthouse is a unique place. Built to protect shipping from wrecks, it was strongly suggested by landholder Edward Hargraves because of his concern over the number of these in local waters that included one with three lives back when he started Australia's first gold rush in 1851! The Gwydir also had 20 Chinese seamen whose bodies were washed ashore here before construction on this iconic structure began-and now visitors can enjoy seeing how things were done 100 years ago while exploring all nature has given us around.

Built-in the style of James Barnet, this lighthouse is an attractive and historic structure. It's not known who designed it or how they built such a complex structure using only concrete blocks cast on-site, but we're glad that he did because these lighthouses are some pretty impressive landmarks!

With its 700,000 candlepower light bulb and 1 million candlepower spotlight, it is easy to see how this historic lighthouse has been able to withstand the test of time.
The first upgrade came in 1923 when they added a Ford- Schmidt Kerosene Burner which increased brilliance from 438 thousand downlighters' worths 'to'. It wasn’t until 1961 though that converted into mains electricity--and now with 10 times more powerful than before!

What To Do At Norah Head Lighthouse

Lighthouse keeper's quarters are within walking distance to a patrolled beach and rock pools. There is also an opportunity for you as the lighthouse keeper, to enjoy life on your own terms with three bedrooms that offer sea views from every window in either quarter! The Head Keepers Quarters has its own separate dining room so no need to go out when company comes over - just make sure they know how delicious whatever food was cooked up looks thanks to this amazing view outside before taking their picture next door at Cape Solander which happens sometimes during dinner time since it faces westward.

When you have your wedding, there's no better place to hold it than Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve. This picturesque landscape will provide the perfect background for all of those special moments that make up a lifetime together--from browsing through photos and picking out an unforgettable honeymoon destination or deciding on how many kids should be involved in making these vows theirs too! You can even bring along members from both families if they're compatible-it offers complete flexibility so every attendee has their own unique experience at this once-inconvenient spot near collide island.

One local company on the Central Coast involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Central Coast Bathroom Renovations

Address: Unit 3/8 Akora Road, Wyoming NSW 2250

Phone: (02) 9053 8734