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Custom Bluetooth Speaker

Aug 26

With promotional bluetooth speakers, make your brand unforgettable

Music is a passion for many people, regardless of what genre they prefer. Many companies offer custom bluetooth speaker giveaways to help customers.

Even better, speakers can be used to promote your company. Aquaholic allows you to personalise your promotional audio products by using our website. We have a variety of promotional speakers that can be personalized to suit your needs.


Why choose promotional blutooth speakers to promote your brand?

Promotional products are essential to any business. Promoting your company is an innovative way to get your name out there.

It makes a great gift because it displays your brand on the speaker surface. These portable speakers are a top corporate gift at Aquaholic. It is worth spending a little more to promote premium gifts. This will, for the most part serve as a visual reminder to your brand each time someone uses the portable bluetooth speaker.

Customers appreciate the extra care companies give when they offer such valuable items. You will increase your company's visibility. This will allow you to build lasting brand associations. It is also a great way to target people who are interested in your business.

Who doesn't love a gift? It's even better if the gift is useful, such as promotional custom bluetooth speakers. This gift is likely to be shared with friends and family. Company awareness will spread beyond the first person.

The Top 3 Benefits of Promoting Speakers

  • Market relevance, high-tech requirements, and consumer trends
  • These modern and sleek gadgets are appealing to a wide audience
  • Portable speakers can be modified to your specifications.


Make lasting memories with music

Music is a powerful language, which allows us to communicate when words fail. Music has the power to bring people together on a social or sentimental level. Ever listened to the same song every time?

Because portable speakers are easy to use, they have a great marketing appeal. They are durable and will last for many years. Customers will remember them. A portable speaker is the best option.

A little background on the modern speaker

To trace the history of the speaker's origins, we must go back more than 150 years. Philipp Reis created the first electronic loudspeaker in 1861. It could not reproduce sound at all at first. It was a mere experiment.

Rice and Kellogg understood in 1921 the importance of creating a product that has enough frequency range to produce a clear audio sound. Their prototype was perfected in 1925 to improve loudness and preserve a crisp sound. The loudspeaker was able to compete with the more well-known horn. This allowed music to be brought into many homes.


Aquaholic Gifts Offers Choice

Aquaholic is your source for customisable promotional speakers. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colours, styles and prices for our speakers. We can meet even the most tight marketing budgets.

We offer a variety of options to print high-quality full-colour logos. You can also choose to brand in full colour to match your company's colors. Wooden casings are also an eco-friendly option that will highlight your logo. This professional finish guarantees that each product is high quality. Your company will be represented in the best possible way.

Bluetooth and USB ports are available for connection to multiple sources. These speakers can be charged with cables and have rechargeable batteries. Because they are compact and lightweight, our speakers allow for flexibility. You can take your speakers with you wherever you go to make music part of your daily life.


Design Ideas to Make Your Business Stand out

A great design is key to making your promotional bluetooth speaker stand out. Make sure you choose the right promotional speaker for your audience.

Our team of in-house design experts and production specialists are available to assist you throughout the entire process of designing your custom bluetooth speakers. The service team will be happy to assist you at all stages of the process. Aquaholic Gifts' goal is to ensure your satisfaction. Aquaholic Gifts wants you to be 100% satisfied with everything.