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What's In A Photo Booth Package?

Feb 18

What's In A Photo Booth Package?

So you're planning an event and thinking about renting a photo booth to make it more fun and interactive for your guests. But what actually comes in a standard photo booth package? Here's an overview of what you can expect:

The Booth Structure The physical photo booth setup includes the enclosure, lighting, camera, and background. The enclosure is usually a standalone kiosk-style structure with enough space for 2-8 people. Most booths use soft box lighting or LED strips to ensure guests are evenly lit. An DSLR camera and lens sits atop a mount to capture each photo. Backdrops can be solid colors, patterns, green screens, etc.

Unlimited Photo Strips Quality photo booths shoot directly onto 2x6 photo strips or 4x6 prints. Most packages include unlimited strips for all guests to take home. Strips usually print instantly so guests can view them right away. Many booths also share digital copies online. However, what is in a photo booth package?

Prop Box
No photo booth is complete without fun props! Silly hats, masks, signs, boas, frame cutouts - anything goes. A prop box encourages guests to get creative with their photos. Some booths have customised prop sets to match a theme. From our experience a great supplier of props is yo props.

Attendant Most photo booth companies provide an attendant to get the booth set up, assist guests in taking photos, maintain the prop collection, replace photo paper and ink, and troubleshoot any issues. Attendants help ensure things run smoothly.

Digital Photo Sharing After the event, companies can compile all the photo booth photos taken and provide them to the host in digital format to share online with guests. Some booths instantly share photos to social media or via text message.

Fun Backdrops & Templates Photo booth images can be customised with graphic designs that support the event theme. Templates allow for photos to instantly add things like logos, text, event details, or other creative flair. With some companies the design alternations can be made on their actual website on the day.

So that covers the photo booth basics! When booking one for your next event, inquire exactly what is included to ensure it has what you need. With the right package, a photo booth makes capturing memorable party moments easy and enjoyable for all.