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Is Concrete Leveling Worth It

Mar 9

Concrete Leveling is a repair solution that uses polyurethane to fill the voids under sinking concrete slabs and lift them back up. The result is an even surface, eliminating tripping hazards and enhancing the appearance of a home or commercial property. Concrete Leveling Contractors Brecksville can be used to raise concrete in driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, pool decks and more.

Uneven concrete isn’t just unsightly — it poses a serious safety concern. Tripping over sunken concrete can cause injuries to pedestrians and vehicles alike. That’s why it’s crucial to take action at the first signs of unevenness or sinking. Fortunately, Greene Concrete Leveling service can help you address these issues quickly and affordably.

Whether you have a concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk that’s sunken and uneven, you can count on your local concrete contractor to help you get it fixed. A trusted concrete repair company will use a proven concrete leveling process to inject a polyurethane formula beneath your sunken slabs, restoring them to their original position and filling in cracks. This is a much faster and less invasive repair method than digging up and replacing the affected concrete slabs, making it an affordable option for both homeowners and business owners.

In many cases, it’s easy to identify a sunken concrete slab that needs to be leveled. Uneven concrete may have large, visible cracks, or it could be sitting at a lower level than neighboring concrete. You may also notice that the concrete slab rocks when driven over or stepped on, or it makes hollow sounds when tapped. If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to contact a concrete leveling contractor right away for a free inspection and cost estimate.

Is Concrete Leveling Worth It?

Greene Concrete Leveling will evaluate your sunken slabs to determine if the repair technique is appropriate. Both mudjacking and polyurethane foam injection are effective, minimally invasive options for lifting uneven concrete. However, they are best suited for load-bearing concrete areas such as foundations, basement floors and garage floors. Patios, walkways and driveways can be repaired with either method, but if your sunken concrete is extensively damaged, replacement may be the only viable option.

The price of concrete leveling varies, depending on the scope of the work and the chosen repair technique. For example, a polyurethane slab will be more costly than a traditional mudjacking job. A professional concrete contractor will provide a free inspection and onsite cost estimate before beginning any repairs. Contact a reputable concrete leveling company today to schedule your free inspection and free cost estimate.