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Explore Jordan Like a Pro: UK Traveller's Handbook

May 14

Planning Your Trip to Jordan

Jordan Travel Essentials

As you plan your trip to Jordan, get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality. Make sure to pack comfortable clothing suitable for exploring ancient ruins and vibrant markets under the sun.

Don't forget your camera to capture the stunning views of Petra's rose-red city and the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea. Remember to carry a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated, and be prepared with sunscreen and a hat to shield yourself from the sun's rays. Keep some local currency, Jordanian Dinar, on hand for shopping at souks and tasting delicious street food.

Cultural Etiquette and Tips

Embrace the local customs and traditions of Jordan by greeting people with a friendly "As-salamu alaykum" and responding with "Wa alaykumu s-salam." Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites, by covering your shoulders and knees. When dining, wait for the host to indicate where you should sit and always accept food or drinks offered to you.

Remember to remove your shoes when entering someone's home or a mosque. Engage in conversations with respect and open-mindedness, and be prepared to be invited for tea as a gesture of hospitality. Immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture by experiencing a traditional desert camp and enjoying a cup of sweet Bedouin tea while stargazing in the night sky.


Discovering Amman, the Capital City

Top Attractions in Amman

Exploring Amman is like stepping into a vibrant blend of ancient heritage and modern energy. Begin your journey by visiting the Citadel, a historical site that offers panoramic views of the city. Stroll through the bustling streets of Rainbow Street, lined with cafes, shops, and art galleries.

Don't miss the opportunity to wander around the Amman Roman Theatre and soak in its centuries-old magnificence. For a taste of Jordanian culture, spend time at the Jordan Museum, where artifacts trace the country's rich history.

Culinary Delights in Amman

Indulge your taste buds in the diverse culinary offerings of Amman. Start your day with a traditional Jordanian breakfast of falafel, hummus, and freshly baked bread. Visit the local markets like Al Balad or Souk Jara to sample authentic street food such as knafeh and shawarma.

For a fine dining experience, head to one of the city's rooftop restaurants offering panoramic views of Amman's skyline. End your day with a cup of aromatic Arabic coffee or mint tea at a cozy cafe in the trendy Jabal Al-Weibdeh neighborhood.

In Amman, every corner tells a captivating story, and every dish tantalizes the senses, making it a destination that promises a delightful blend of history, culture, and culinary exploration.


Exploring Petra, the Rose City

History and Significance of Petra

As you embark on a journey to Petra, known as the Rose City, you are stepping into a world of ancient wonders that have stood the test of time. Petra's history dates back to the Nabateans, showcasing their architectural prowess with stunning rock-cut buildings and intricate carvings. This UNESCO World Heritage Site holds significance as a symbol of Jordan's rich past and cultural heritage.

Must-See Sights in Petra

Immerse yourself in the magic of Petra by exploring iconic sights such as the Treasury, a breathtaking façade carved into the rose-red cliffs. Wander through the Siq, a narrow gorge that leads to this marvel, and be mesmerized by the intricate details etched into the rock. Discover the Royal Tombs, a series of monumental burial chambers that reflect the grandeur of ancient Nabatean architecture. Don't miss the Monastery, a massive structure perched atop a hill offering panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape.

In Petra, every step you take unveils a new chapter of history, every carving whispers tales of a bygone era, and every sight leaves you in awe of the ancient civilization that once thrived in this remarkable city. Prepare to be enchanted by the mysteries and beauty that await you in the Rose City.


Unwinding in the Dead Sea

Health Benefits of the Dead Sea

As you unwind in the Dead Sea, you are immersing yourself in nature's own spa, renowned for its healing properties. Rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, the Dead Sea offers therapeutic benefits for the skin, such as improving conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The high salt concentration allows you to effortlessly float, providing a unique and relaxing experience while nourishing your skin.

Activities and Relaxation at the Dead Sea

Embrace a sense of rejuvenation as you indulge in the various activities and relaxation options at the Dead Sea. Enjoy a mud bath, known for its detoxifying effects on the skin, or pamper yourself with a mineral-rich mud mask. Dive into the buoyant waters for a surreal floating experience that leaves you feeling weightless and stress-free. Unwind on the shores, taking in the serene surroundings and breathtaking views of the vast expanse of water and surrounding desert landscapes.

In the tranquility of the Dead Sea, every moment invites you to relax, rejuvenate, and bask in the natural beauty and therapeutic benefits of this unique destination. Allow yourself to be embraced by the healing powers of the Dead Sea, leaving behind the stresses of daily life as you immerse yourself in this extraordinary experience.


Venturing into Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Desert Safari

Embark on an unforgettable journey as you venture into the vast expanses of Wadi Rum Desert. The desert safari offers a thrilling experience, allowing you to explore the mesmerizing landscapes and rugged terrain. Climb aboard a 4x4 vehicle and traverse the sandy dunes, feeling the rush of adrenaline as you navigate through this unique and picturesque desert setting.

Camping under the Stars in Wadi Rum

Imagine spending a night under the star-studded sky in the heart of Wadi Rum Desert. Set up camp amidst the tranquility of the desert, surrounded by towering sandstone mountains and surreal rock formations.

As the sun sets, witness a breathtaking display of colors across the horizon, before the night sky comes alive with millions of twinkling stars. Experience the peace and serenity of the desert night, listening to the whispers of the wind as you drift off to sleep in this magical setting.


Visiting Aqaba, the Red Sea Resort

Water Activities in Aqaba

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Red Sea? Aqaba offers a paradise for water lovers, with a myriad of activities to enjoy. Dive into the crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life, or try your hand at snorkeling to explore the colorful coral reefs beneath the surface.

If you're feeling adventurous, embark on a jet ski ride and feel the wind in your hair as you speed across the azure waters. Aqaba is the perfect destination for those seeking water-based excitement and relaxation.

Cultural Experiences in Aqaba

Step into a world rich in history and culture as you explore the captivating sights of Aqaba. Delve into the city's past at the Aqaba Archaeological Museum, where ancient artifacts and exhibits offer a glimpse into the region's heritage. Wander through the vibrant markets and bustling streets, soaking in the lively atmosphere and mingling with the friendly locals.

Indulge in traditional Jordanian cuisine at local eateries, savoring the flavors of the region. Aqaba's unique blend of history, culture, and hospitality promises an enriching experience for every visitor.


Off the Beaten Path Destinations

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Ready to discover the hidden gems of Jordan? Make your way to the Dana Biosphere Reserve, a nature lover's paradise nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the reserve as you hike through rugged trails, surrounded by diverse flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of rare wildlife species and enjoy the serenity of this untouched wilderness.

Madaba and Mount Nebo

Embark on a journey to the ancient city of Madaba, known for its stunning Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. Marvel at the intricate designs that adorn the city's churches and archaeological sites, offering a glimpse into Jordan's rich artistic heritage. Continue your adventure to Mount Nebo, a site of biblical significance where Moses is said to have viewed the Promised Land.

Take in panoramic views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, and soak in the spiritual atmosphere of this sacred mountaintop. Explore the lesser-known wonders of Jordan and create unforgettable memories in these off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Practical Tips for Traveling in Jordan

Transportation in Jordan

When exploring the off-the-beaten-path destinations in Jordan, consider renting a car to have the flexibility and freedom to navigate the diverse landscapes at your own pace. The country's well-maintained roads make driving a convenient option, allowing you to venture off to remote areas such as the Dana Biosphere Reserve and Mount Nebo with ease.

Additionally, public transportation options like buses and shared taxis provide affordable ways to travel between cities, giving you a chance to interact with locals and immerse yourself in the culture of Jordan.

Safety and Security Measures

While Jordan is generally considered safe for travelers, it is always advisable to take precautionary measures to ensure a smooth and secure journey. Make sure to carry a copy of your passport and other important documents with you at all times. Stay informed about the local customs and traditions to show respect to the host community.

Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded tourist areas, to avoid any potential mishaps. By staying vigilant and being mindful of your surroundings, you can make the most of your adventure in Jordan while prioritizing your safety and well-being.



Recommendations for UK Travellers

When you embark on your journey to explore the wonders of Jordan, consider the various transportation options available to make the most of your adventure. Renting a car can provide you with the ultimate flexibility to discover off-the-beaten-path destinations like the Dana Biosphere Reserve and Mount Nebo at your own pace. If driving isn't your preference, hopping on a bus or sharing a taxi can still offer you affordable and enriching travel experiences, allowing you to engage with the local culture on a deeper level.

While safety is generally not a major concern in Jordan, it's wise to take some simple precautions to ensure a hassle-free trip. Remember to always carry copies of your essential documents, such as your passport, and stay knowledgeable about the customs and traditions of the country to show respect to the local community. Stay alert in bustling tourist spots and keep an eye on your belongings to prevent any unwanted incidents.

By approaching your journey with a positive mindset and an openness to new experiences, you can immerse yourself fully in the beauty and culture of Jordan. Embrace the spirit of adventure, connect with the welcoming locals, and create lasting memories that will enrich your travel experience in this captivating country. Traveling in Jordan holds the promise of unforgettable moments and discoveries, waiting for you to explore.